Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Project Website

My project has just launched a new website to present it to the world.  Check it out here!

Working on this project is very interesting and very rewarding from an altruistic perspective.  I am not a "greenie" or anything, but its different because not only do we have the usual issues of building a "city" to make it commercially viable, but its also a massive experiment.  For example, we're running a number of competitions for people to come in and propose "solutions" for a number of things such as Waste Treatment through to running a 5 Star Hotel.

Its OK to think "carbon neutral, 100% renewable energy", its another thing to come in and build it successfully and make it reasonably cost effective.

And the size of the project!  We're building away on the massive university building and its having its scheduling issues and it was questioned how we can turn it around before it gets "out of control" and then it was pointed out that we have spent 4% of budget and have completed 3% of schedule... we're hardly out of control.  And then you look out the window and you see 2,000 workers and think that its just 3% of the project...and you appreciate how big it is overall!

So, check it out... let me know what you think!


fool said...

Namaste, Clay! Where do they keep the Polar Bears?

Clay said...

Salaam 'Alaykum Fool,

We keep the Polar Bears in the Ski Dubai tube... they'll be onsite when we build the enclosure!