Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Busy and Homesick

Well, this week has been trying... the extra workload is starting to take hold and I have been in the office until 8-9pm each night.  This is a short term thing, and I have been approved to hire 4-5 people over the coming months and even interviewed an opportune candidate for a significant role this week and I am keen to get the formal offer to him soon, but in the interim I am doing 4 peoples jobs!

I like to be busy, but its a tad ridiculous!

And the missing family issue has been hitting hard this week... Niki and the girls relocating here is now around 4 June and we're on the countdown.  But because its close to being solidly set, I am now getting impatient and want them to be here now.

I have to buy more furniture still and curtains are getting installed this weekend, so the house is coming together and there is still some things to do before their arrival, but with work on top of this, the house is becoming a chore at the moment.

However, I have tickets to this Fridays cricket in Dubai and the following Friday in Abu Dhabi and hence I am looking forward to a bit of Australi-ana and cheering on the cricketers.  Should be a good couple of games and it should cheer me up.  The game in Abu Dhabi, I am in a box with booze, so I need to work out how to get home because just one beer makes you inelligble to drive... a cab is about 200Dhs I think.

So, not much to report... busy as, missing family, wanting to get on with it :-)

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