Saturday, April 04, 2009

Been a very busy week...

Well, my apologies for the lack of posts this week as a lack of internet access at home and the fact that I have been hosting people from London this week and hence not at my desk in the office has meant my internet time has been limited.  I am actually posting this from a shopping mall here in Dubai which has free WiFi so I carted my laptop here!

But to recap this week, the big news at work is that there is a massive restructure at work and I am to get alot more area of responsibility.  This has been because of a contracting company not doing what they were supposed to and we're now taking them out of the equation.  So I have been asked to re-configure my department and determine how many staff I need.  Given I havent even got time to scratch myself its a necessary evil to find time to do this...

So, on the work front its busy.  Home front has been disjointed as I still havent had time to get my internet connected and I have been frustrated by the red tape in doing so but I am determined to make it happen this week.  I spent my first night last night in a bed rather than a foam mattress on the floor and it was much more comfortable!  I am even now sleeping through the 5am Muslim call to prayer that happens everyday and so my sleeping is on the improve.

Food wise, am still living on toast, sandwiches and the odd takeaway.  I took our London visitor out for dinner this week and we went to a steak place and I jumped at the chance for a steak and steamed veges! 

And last night I went out on the town for the first time with work organising a social night out for those of us who live in Dubai.  (The site is split 50-50 between Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents).  It was on at an open air bar called Barasti in the Meridien Hotel in Dubai Marina.  Beautiful spot, massive bar on the beach.  We were a large group so we were standing in the bar area, but on the beach there were sun lounges and the like in which groups of 8 or so could sit down by the water and actually drink alcohol!  Yee Gods!!  The night went very late - I got a cab at 2am - but the place was showing no sign of slowing down nor were the people I was with... I think with everything so tight vis-a-vie alcohol, when you go out, you make the most of it.  I didnt go over the top though and enjoyed the night of chatting with people from the office.  Given we're growing so much many of us are in the same boat - been here 2-3 mths trying to find accommodation, cars, etc etc.  We all had various stories so it was good to share.  Also, again the nationalities are so varied and it was really interesting to chat to people.  Also discovered one guy who has been here a month who has come from my old company but the London office.  Small world.

So in signing off, my battery is running low, but I am off to shop for a stove, a TV and TV unit and perhaps a lounge... at home I need to organise the grass to be laid, so a busy week ahead.

Posting should be back to approx daily this week!

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