Sunday, April 05, 2009

Weekend Report...

Well, the TV is installed... mounted on the wall, but the wall is brick so I will need to do something with the cables.  Brooke's bed FINALLY arrived at 9pm last night!  I was told at 10am that the bed will be delivered that afternoon... so I stayed close to home and waited... made the odd call... was told he was running late at 4pm and that he would be there at 7pm.  At 7:30pm, still no show and he would be there at 8:30pm ... at 9pm he showed.

And it was a man and his son, aged about 12, who had been working since 7am and were exhausted and I was the last delivery.  The bed came in about 5 parcels of about 35-45kgs each and they refused to let me help them... I felt really bad for being narky on the phone and then have a 12 yr old boy help his old man out at 9pm.  But they carried the parcels upstairs and when they were done, I gave the boy 20Dhs for his efforts.  I have no idea if that was too small or too big a tip... the split economy here between the rich and poor is still something I am getting used to.

The guy, who was very tired and sweaty asked if he could have some water and I said sure and said "I only have tap water though" and he suddenly refused.  That reminds me to get the water cooler installed.  Everyone seems to have one or drinks bottled water.

As for the TV, it's a Samsung 46" LCD and is actually quite useless until the pay-TV provider hooks me up next Saturday morning.  I have a DVD player, but no DVD discs to watch!

And I have an oven being delivered on Wednesday evening, so that will mean I can now cook food!!  Huzzah!! So I will go out and buy some pots, pans and utensils in anticipation!!  Its half electric, half gas, but I need to get a gas cylinder delivered and I have NO IDEA how that works.

And as for the Internet, I failed again to get anyone to start processing my application at Etisalat... I read this blog post this morning and I hope I am not going to have the same issues!

As for me personally, I am starting to really miss Niki and the girls... its been pretty hard and the girls were bridesmaids / flowergirls at their cousin Lizzies wedding this weekend.  It is hard to take that I couldn't be there... work is good, Dubai life has its set up difficulties, but given I haven't seen the girls since February is very hard.  Miss them heaps!

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