Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter - No Holidays Here Though!

Its Easter Sunday, so Happy Easter to everyone at home.  However, as you may suspect, Easter isnt really a popular event here in the Middle East.  Having said that though, there were Easter Eggs for sale in the supermarkets and plenty of expats are marking the occasion and I have been invited fellow ex-Glenbrook expats Peter & Catherine's place for dinner tonight, which is nice.

But today is just a normal working week and hence I am in the office this morning and have just spoken to the girls about the haul they secured from that furry little Easter Bunny.  Its days like today that you miss the family more...

But the weekend was good though.  I managed to have my application for the internet to be turned on accepted by Etisalat.  That is progress... now I wait for someone to call me to arrange a time for connection.  I have no idea how long that will take.

I had curtains quoted on the weekend as well and also had a landscaper take measurements for grass and some plants.  Its much different that when you rent here in the UAE, the tenant is responsible for such fixtures as curtains and landscaping.  When we do move out, we can take the curtains, but you cannot take the grass!  Very odd... pretty much dead money.

Also, had the water cooler people turn up and install their product... No body drinks tap water here...

And finally, the oven / stove was installed as was the gas bottles for it on Thursday night.

So a pretty productive weekend, pity it was only 2 days!

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