Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, its been a busy 24hrs! I have had another quote for curtains and another 2 quotes for landscaping and I am sitting here at 10pm to wait for my kitchen dining table and chairs to be delivered. Deliveries here in the UAE run very late!! I am actually tired and want to go to bed, but I am waiting for yet another man in a truck! lol.

But the biggest and bestest news is that I have the internet and I am now "connected". Today was a big day because I was able to Skype home and talk + see the kids and Niki and I had a good long chat about pretty much everything. It was good to relax and chat because the only conversations have either been from my office - where work rudely interrupts - or by traditional phone and I hate to see the phone bill at home this month!

But I am now very happy... and soon I will have a dining table to sit at and I am starting to feel that this is a bit like a home now.

The other thing is that I have been watching a bit of the local Pay TV, which is called ShowTime and its ok, but there is a lot of rubbish on it... but most disappointing is that all 4 sports channels are pre-occupied with Premier League Soccer. Now I like soccer and I went to a Chelsea game once in London, but sometimes I would like a bit of variety. Unfortunately there is no NRL on TV here, but I was watching some English Super League tonight... which is pretty ordinary. Was watching Catalans vs Wigan and saw Jason Ryles, Greg Bird, Amos Roberts, Clint Greenshields and a few other Aussies running around in some paddock in Perpignon, France. I flicked it over to Man City vs Fulham if I have to be honest.

But, the net is on! I will now be able to post a few more pictures and am now able to Skype which is a godsend.

Now where's that truck.....????

{Post Script} - The truck has arrived at 10:15pm and they have to put the dining setting together! I thought it would be just offloaded fully built, so I have two guys with drills going crazy in the kitchen dining... only in Dubai!

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Anonymous said...


you can stream 2gb and listen to the continous call team on the weekends if you need some NRL fix.


or I could give you a run down of what happens. meat head A ran at meat head B, who tackles him... rinse repeat.

of course there's lots of off field shenanigans going on too.. drinking raping and falling over.