Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Negative Thing.... Number Two's

OK, I am really enjoying the UAE... I think its different and I am enjoying the cultural change and the climate and all of that.  Thumbs Up.

I dont want to be a negative blogger either and I don't want my blog to be rants of "this is better in Australia" or "at home, we did it better" type rants.  There are some things that are better here and some are worse... its called diversity.

However, I do want to point out one thing...

The ability to take a crap in public / work toilets without having to worry about getting soaking wet or having Arabs standing in the sink.  Yes, literally.

The Arabic custom of Wudhu is great for them and is part of this great cultural diversity I am experiencing. But the bathrooms everywhere you go are just soaking wet with water as the locals splash around in the sinks washing themselves, including their feet, and then I have no idea what they do with that hose in the cubicle, but its amazing how much water is left on the floor, walls and even the ceiling.

Its part of the culture, its part of the diversity, but really I am sick of avoiding having been soaked in the office...

/rant off ... 

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