Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well I did it...

I went to the shops at lunch time today (I needed to use an ATM, so just a quick drive from site to the service station) and when I pulled up it was that hot that I left the car running and went and used the ATM and came back out and got into the A/C.

Temps are now in the low 40's I think (my car doesn't have a temp gauge... perhaps that's best!) and whilst the heat is far away from being oppressive, I just didn't want my car heating up again for the drive back to site.

Whilst you would never do this in Sydney with petrol running at $1.50/L and the threat of someone flogging your car as well, here in low crime Abu Dhabi people leave their cars running all the time.

Not very green I know... but when in Rome!

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Anonymous said...

It'd down as low as 1.00 now and went up to 120 over easter