Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pets On Tour

Well, we have booked the removalists to take our furniture from Sydney to Dubai.  The packing and shipping happens 4/5 May.  Hopefully it will reach here soon enough to be here for when Niki & the girls arrive around 4 June.  I am assuming it wont however, so the home furnishings at my end will continue...

What is funny / expensive however is the relocation of the animals.  Our two dogs Zoe & Molly and Charlie the Cat are booked in and will land in Dubai the day before Niki & the girls.  But its not just a matter of taking them to the airport and loading them on.  They need to have a series of tests and injections and the service (www.jetpets.com.au) includes a pick up and delivery service from the house to the special quarentine centre (somewhere remote in Sydney - Richmond / Badgerys Creek... not sure) and they're given a series of injections.  They have to make two of these trips in the lead up to the 3 June flight.

Also, on the day of their trip, they get picked up and taken to the airport and all is handled by the company.  It even includes delivery to me at home here in Dubai!  So, basically for us it is all hands off and done by them.  We were worried that the pets would have been on the same flight and that Niki would have to juggle getting herself to the airport and taking the dogs as well... but all of that has been taken care of.

They even have accounted for the fact that the Emirates A380 is not suitable for pet cargo as the cargo hold is not "flat" and therefore the flight will be the morning departure from Sydney via Singapore on the regular Boeing.  I have this mental image of the pets on a stop over in Singapore living it up!

So, all going to plan, I will have the pets here with me and when I bring Niki & the girls home from the airport the animals will be here to greet them too.

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