Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You know you're a local when...

you get phone calls from rival banks that are not your own (HSBC) here in the Middle East offering you free Platinum Credit Cards with their institution.

I got my first cold call this morning on my mobile.  I was on the work phone and hung up mobile and as is custom here because their is no voice mail, I rang the number back when I was done with my work call.

It was a Dubai number, so I assumed one of my tradespeople who have been giving me quotes.  Instead a woman answered very un-professionally with a simple Hello and I explained I had a missed call from her.  She asked my name, which I gave and I heard her typing.  Then she suddenly says "Yes good morning!  This is XXXX Bank and we were calling if you would be interested in a fee free Platinum card with us".

I cut her off said no thanks and she didnt persist and the call ended.

But its scary... they have you calling back telemarketers in this country!!!

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fool said...

out of all the things you've blogged.. this stikes me as the top "culture shock"... how weird!