Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Arabian Cinema Experience

Well, I said things were no longer phasing me in regards to life here in the UAE... Well I spoke too soon!

On the spur of the moment, I went to the local mall to see a movie.  I didnt decide this until 8:30 at night, but saw that Star Trek was on at 9:30pm, so I went.  Now I hadnt had dinner at that stage and thought I'd get something at the mall.  But when I turned up, there were massive crowds and queues for tickets.  The reason you see is that there is 20 cinemas plus an I-Max theatre and it was absolutely packed.

Now I should also point out that there were 9 ticket booths opened and the queue was about 50 deep.  It was moving comparitively swiftly, but the sheer weight of numbers meant I spent 20mins in the queue and when I got my ticket, it was just 15mins to showtime.  Also, the cinemas here are at the opposite end to the food court, which I kid you not is about a 1.5km walk away.  The Ibn Battuta Mall is massive!

So, it was popcorn for dinner... and this is the next odd thing.  The cinemas sell odd "real food" rather than just popcorn, lollies and ice cream.  By odd, I mean Nachos and would you believe fresh crepes.  So I had a crepe made with turkey ham (no real ham here!), mushrooms, cheese and capsicum.  Add a drink and a small popcorn and it was just 20Dhs!  Thats about A$8 and you couldnt buy a choc top for 8 bucks in Sydney!

Then it was into the theatre and it was fixed seating... I picked my seat in the middle section when I queued and the odd thing was was that the back row only was 50Dhs, the front section was 20Dhs and the middle section was 30Dhs.  Why would you pay an extra 20Dhs for the back row!?!

The cinemas themselves were excellent with good sound, but you know when a movie is coming to an end and the story is finished, but there is a wrapping up scene?  Well, the locals start leaving en masse!  There was still dialogue happening, but the locals had seen enough and started filing out of the cinema... I'm not a credit watcher myself, but at least stay until the movie actually finishes!

Funny night...

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Andrew said...

Sounds like it would have been fun. I want to see Star Trek too, but can't really until Megan is a bit older or I get a pass out!