Monday, June 01, 2009

Counting Down...

Final week of UAE solitude!  Niki and the girls will be here Friday morning.  Before that, if all goes to plan, our dogs Zoe & Molly and Charlie the Wonder Cat will be here the day before on Thursday morning.  I have spent the weekend shopping and getting ready.  Tonight I went grocery shopping and bought extra stuff for extra people.  I bought the things the girls like, such as two minute noodles and oven baked chips.  I bought 2L of Vanilla Ice Cream and I also bought pancake mix.  I even bought a bottle of Diet Coke even though I hate the stuff but its what Niki drinks.

I bought dog and cat food... I have bought dog bowls and a soft bed for Zoe to lie down on because she's over 11yrs old and getting arthritic.  I bought a small vacuum cleaner and am fighting a losing battle against sand... I also bought towels and ornamental tooth brush holders, toilet brushes (we have SEVEN toilets here!!) and some fake daisy's to keep the girls' ensuites cheery.

I am doing in a blokey, clumsy way the equivalent of nesting I guess! LOL!

So, its now Sunday evening... I will be taking Thursday off and the following working week... its very close now.

From home, Niki reports that the kids are getting teary... they have been very brave and stoic but are now getting upset at little things and tell Niki that they miss their Daddy... they have been excellent little angels and are being very brave.  Brooke has been asking me questions about business class and seems very excited about the plane trip but both have been quite open about the fact that they are nervous which is of course perfectly normal.

So close now... we're all very tired and Niki has suggested and I totally agree that our first week here will be very relaxing.  They want to chill out by the pool and get to know the home and get accustomed to things and I am very much looking forward to doing that!

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fool said...

Vanilla? C'mon Clay live a little! :P

Seriously though, I'm very happy for you that you'll be reunited with your family. I know what it's like to be separated from loved ones for an extended period, and it is really difficult. Hang in there, the wait is almost over.. :)