Monday, May 04, 2009

Emotional Day at Home

Well, I have been blogging about me and my life in Dubai, but a big day was had today at home with the furniture removalists coming in and packing up our stuff for shipping.

From my chats to Niki and the girls, its a big day emotionally as it crystallizes the fact that yes, they are moving to Dubai and all their stuff was packed into a truck.  Also, we were struggling to find a home for our pet rabbit Muffy and he was taken fortunately by one of the removalists for his kids.  That's a relief but the girls took it hard that they had to say good bye to their bunny.

So for them, their life will be like mine was but in reverse... they will be living like "campers" in the house waiting for the flights here whereas I started as a camper and have slowly built up some furniture to be barely comfortable.  They will be living out of Woolworths canvas bags and sleeping on the floor for about 4 weeks and that will be really hard.

Its a big thing this relocation business and to make it worse, Niki wont have use of the PC (its now on a ship) and will be "borrowing" peoples broadband when she visits.

So, to Niki and the girls (who can't read this post now), I love you and I am thinking of you and it will all be over soon!


Rabid said...

damn thats tough

fool said...

Clay, you might consider getting her a netbook. They're fairly cheap, extremely light and portable (under 2-3 pounds and great for traveling) and serve the needs of web-browsing and staying in touch admirably.

I don't know about Oz, but in the States there are several different brands and models priced under $400. If you want to get really flash, the Vaio P is the way to go.. but that's about twice as much.

Clay said...

Nice idea fool... but the wireless modem is on the ship too..

But we're in luck as a friend of Nikis is lending a laptop with a pre-paid wireless connection for the month that Niki is home.

I did check out netbooks... they range from A$550 - $1000 depending on the model.

Anonymous said...

Babs here - good to see things are progressing well by skimming your blog for the last few months. It's a big step for the whole family to relocate (and you for that matter) but the craziness on your blog will become normal pretty soon most likely.

Clay said...

Heya Babs, thanks for stopping by the ol' Blog :-)

Always good to see that people are reading this tripe that I write!

Say hi to the Corsairs for me.