Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Going at a hundred miles an hour...

This driving thing in the UAE is now no longer a big deal... left hand drive, left hand lane... I now "cruise" to and from work sitting on 160km/h.  There are some stretches that you have to slow down (radar goes off at 140km/h) and other sections that are loooong and straaaaight that are not radar'd and hence I have looked down to find my little Nissan Tiida doing 180km/h on occaision.  Its hardly noticeable now and when I am sitting on 120km/h in traffic, I feel like getting out and walking.

But despite this, you still see some things on the roads... this morning, I am cruising on the freeway.  Its 4 lanes and I am in the fastest lane on 160.  90% of the time its no bother but every now and then I get a flash of high beam in my rear view as some local is bundling through at a faster speed.  Flashing high beam is not rude or aggressive here, its pretty much the norm and I do it to... when I am on 160 and am catching up to someone doing say 140, then I will give a bit of a flash with enough notice and they pull over.

So anyway, today though was different.  I am cruising at 160 in the left lane (the fast lane) and over my iPod I hear something behind me.  Nothing in the rear view so it must be something in the Hamish & Andy podcast I am listening to.  Then I see something in the corner of my eye and !bam!  Flashing past me in the "slow" lane, 4 lanes away comes a hotted up Mustang and he is flying.  Equate it to you're doing 60km/h and someone passes you at 120.  The speed difference to me was alot and he went past and was followed by a maroon car, equally hotted up.

These two guys proceed to weave in and out of traffic in front of me going incredibly fast.  UAE highways are pretty straight and flat so I get a good view and I swear the two guys nudged each other.  Racing each other, weaving between cars they were swerving all over the place and even drove on the side of the road (the verge?) and one clipped the other one.

They didnt spin out but there was a loud bang and I am now guessing it wasnt the first hit because thats what I heard over the iPod.

But they sped off out of sight doing I would say easily 220km/h.

I take it they were young Emirati guys with too much cash who had just watched the new Fast & Furious movie...

Nutters I thought as I crawled along at a mere 160...

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