Wednesday, May 20, 2009

London Calling...

All very busy here, but just a short post as I wait to go to dinner here in London... this is what is hard about these trips as you put in a long day of meetings and presentations and then you have to head out with the same people on the pre-tense of a nice dinner and talk more shop...  last night was an Indian place in the East End (very casual) but tonights a bit more up market.  Tomorrow there will be a lunch and then a dinner again this time with a German company.  Not sure if we'll be going to the local Lowenbrau!

But having said that, I cannot complain as I get to travel a little bit for work and its a nice perk... but over the past 24hrs, I have been slotted in to go to Copenhagen in Denmark for a one off meeting as well.  So I will come back to the UAE and pretty much turn out again soon after.  Very busy, but I have never been to that part of the world so that adds some excitement to it.

But I have my eyes firmly on one thing only though, and thats the 4/5 June when the family - including the dogs! - arrive from Sydney... thats all that matters at the moment! 

Gotta go... sorry for the short and meaningless post!

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