Sunday, May 17, 2009

London Part II

Am off to London in the morning... I havent packed yet, but a car is picking me up at 10am, so I have time...

I will be off for 4 nights and be back in the UAE on Friday... blog posts will probably be few and far between, but thats the reason!

I am hoping to catch up with my nephew Scotty who has been in the UK for I guess it must be close to a year and we'll have a beer tomorrow night when I land.  But after that, it will be work presentations and dinners for the purpose of corporate schmoozing and is it bad that I am just not that excited to be going to London... is that too snooty or something... "oh London, not again... how very droll!".

It will be different if I ever get to go as a tourist I guess and I think Niki and the girls would like to go there so maybe next time I will be more excited!

On the homefront, I didnt get much done this weekend.  I finished Brooke's bed but am still putting the draws together and would have finished however the drill ran out of battery.  I guess that will wait for when I get back.  I also didnt shop this weekend because I wont be home for nearly a week and the food would just go off.  So the weekend was basically an eat out all weekend deal and I went over to the Dubai Mall this evening.  My goal was to have dinner, buy some new work shoes and I heard that the massive bookstore in there may potentially sell D&D books.  In a nutshell, they did but old out of date editions (3rd edition!) and the shoe stores were all glamour stores like Armani and co and I didnt feel like blowing a gazillion Dirham on a pair of shoes which will kick around in the dust at work.  I would have been better off going to the department store in my local, and a bit down class mall.  Dinner was a buritto... mmm... not good.

Speaking of work, my new promotion means I get involved in other projects and it was announced this week that we are part of a Joint Venture to build the London Array.  Massive 120m diameter wind turbines built in the ocean in what is called the Thames Estuary.  Its very new and there was a big announcement that my company Masdar is going into JV with DONG energy (giggle giggle) and E.ON who are Danish and British respectively.  Basically its going to be the worlds biggest array of wind turbines and will occupy a 225sq kilometre area.  Massive.

So I will try and post from the UK... but if I dont, have a good week :-)

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