Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am a nerd...

Yes, and damn proud!

This blog post I read today during my lunch break got me thinking and I am a nerd because I blog; am a gamer; love technology; am good at computers; pfaff around with new websites and try all the social networking stuff (Twitter is dead).  I read alot with Sci Fi, Horror and Fantasy fiction topping the list (am currently reading an anthology of the best of the Forgotten Realms short stories) and am an Engineer by degree.

But the funny thing is I know so many people in these areas of my life who lead normal everyday lives and yet have a passion for many of the things on this list.  And not only the people I met through these activities but people I have met in other areas of my life are also "closet" nerds as well.

I am also, by virtue of my lonely state here in the UAE, been to the movies twice on my own and will probably go again this weekend to see the new Star Trek movie.  Which by pretence of the original blog above, makes me King of the Nerds.

Not that there is anything wrong with that... at least I am not playing football and having circle jerk sessions with my team mates!

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