Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time has no meaning...

I may have mentioned that I have bought a lounge suite for the family room.  Went to the local version of Harvey Norman style shop - called "Home Centre" and ordered it.  Then, I was told that delivery can only be on Wednesdays and that this Wednesday was the next date.

No problem, however I work in Abu Dhabi and nobody is home... to this the girl serving me informed me that delivery can occur in the evenings, so we agreed it would be after 7pm.

Yesterday, I get a call from the Home Centre to confirm delivery for today.  I said yes, but after 7pm and the man said it was on the paperwork and would be no problem.  All good!

I get in the office this morning and at 9am my mobile rings:  "Good morning Mr Clayton, I am here from Home Centre to deliver your lounge".  The guy showed up at 9am and was amazed that I wanted evening delivery.

We agreed that I would come home early, but it would be around 5pm...

Makes you wonder.

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