Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but we've been busy!!  Today was a "quiet" day in which we hung around the house, but we still managed to swim, take the dogs for a walk, walk to the local shops for ice cream and have a dishwasher and extra kids furniture delivered from IKEA.  Whilst I hate IKEA, here in the UAE they not only deliver but also build all the furniture!  Brilliant!

Things have been going well here though... the girls are really happy and they have said that they love living here because its like a resort.  It is, but we'll see how they handle going to school lol!  The heat is there and we have been either inside or driving to a mall or something in the middle of the day but each morning we're swimming and then again in the late afternoon and then again in the evening after dinner... in other words, alot!

And in between the swimming, we've been shopping.  In the main, for things we need, but we also checked out the aquarium at the Dubai Mall and that was really good.  To have a shark swimming 6 inches above your head and to be able to look at it literally eye to eye was amazing.  On top of that, there were penguins, jelly fish, massive fresh water fish, piranha's and seals.  All close enough to touch save for the perspex.

We're thinking we'll do something different tomorrow... maybe go into old town Dubai and take a boat ride on Dubai Creek, or maybe drive 90mins out into the desert to Al Ain and drive up the top of the biggest mountain in the UAE called Jebel Hafeet.  Apparently its quite a view.  We also could do a theme park such as Wild Wadi but its pretty hot...

But no matter what we'll do... we'll be busy busy busy!

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