Saturday, June 06, 2009

First 24hrs In Dubai

Well, the girls landed safe and sound... the flight went great, they had a great time in business class and the girls slept well.  Landing at dawn, I met the girls at the airport and then we had a chauffer driven car take us to the house.  Initial feelings were excitement with the girls amazed at the arabic writing on the street signs and how green it was with all the parks and gardens.  But soon we were off the main city streets and on the short stretch of highway running behind Dubai to get us to our place and the manicured lawns made way to sand and construction sites.  The girls were very excited and Brooke had latched on to me pretty hard in the car.

We got home and there was a mad scramble of running around the back yard checking it out, checking out all the rooms and their new bedrooms.  Very exciting and there were lots of hugs.

The dogs and Charlie the Wonder Cat were happy to see the girls and we got the luggage in the rooms and it was swimmers on and straight across to the pool.  It was good to relax!

After swimming, it was off to the Mall of the Emirates to check out the ski tube and to buy some necessities.  Amazingly enough, we bumped into fellow ex-Glenbrook family The Lockharts and we had lunch together and the kids got re-aquainted.

By early afternoon the kids were getting tired but we had more swimming and then went to the local shops for dinner at Chilis Diner.  The girls had done really well but the yawns were starting to catch up to them.  After dinner it was home to bed, the girls crashed out and Niki fell asleep on the lounge too... everyone slept soundly in their new beds!

Today, we're off to Ikea for more nick-nacks (laundry baskets, bed room bins and the like) and then I'm sure the pool will get a work out...

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Anonymous said...

How excitement :) Hope that the jet lag isn't too bad.