Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Soooo close!

Today is my last day at work before the family lands.  I am way too excited to focus, but I have to interview two people for jobs today with the latter being at 3pm which seems an eternity away.

Last night I got into a bit of a cleaning frenzy - well tidying up frenzy and I washed the linen in the house.  Then realised that I dont have a clothesline, so at the moment the sheets are hanging over the stair well banister drying!

The pets land in Dubai at 5:45am tomorrow so I guess I will be up waiting for them.  Dog and cat food, cat litter, dog bed etc have all been bought... the grass is down on the landscaping (but plants and stone pebble sections are going in today / tomorrow so thats cutting it fine) and then I will be up to meet Niki and the girls at the airport when they too land at 5:45am on Friday.

Feels like Christmas!!

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