Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Plumbers Crack

We have had our first domestic issue with the Villa!  On the weekend we noticed that the floor of one of our seven bathrooms was wet and that the water seemed to be seeping up from the floor?!

We then noticed that the room on the other side of the wall from the bathroom - a small store room where we have been feeding the cat - was alot wetter and that the water was coming through at a faster rate.

In between these two rooms is a small cupboard which is accessed from outside and it contains the gas bottles for our kitchen was also wet.  Somewhere we had a water leak inside the house!

By Saturday it was quite bad and we called the development managers to send someone around, so on my first day at work Niki was going to have to deal with local tradesmen.  First impressions was that the air con unit was somehow building up excess water which was running down the inside of the walls and then seeping out at ground level.  Our house is constructed by cement rendered breeze block walls and the water was flowing down inside it.

So, the first guy came out and determined this and called for the A/C specialists to come.  They did, got into the roof and found nothing wrong with the A/C except one small ancillary problem that we needed a valve to be replaced but that had nothing to do with the water leak.  So they started fixing the valve whilst plumbers were called re the leak.

When they turned up (and remember, tradesmen here are small armies of Indian men) they determined that the pipe in the wall behind the sink in the bathroom was cracked.  The only way of course to get in was to therefore jack-hammer into the exterior cement rendered wall and break into the pipes from the outside.  This they did, causing loads of water to spill out and the latest I have heard today is that the pipe has been fixed, our water can be turned back on, but the plumber hasnt said anything about fixing the huge crater he has left in the side of the house!!

Poor Niki, she did very well in trying to interpret Hindu-speaking tradesmen and getting the pipe fixed!

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