Monday, July 06, 2009

Furniture's In...

Our furniture was delivered yesterday!  I took the morning off work in anticipation and were told it'd be arriving between 9 and 10am.  A call later confirmed 9:30am... but of course, the truck didnt arrive until 10:45am... but that was OK.

There were 105 items to come off the truck and basically my job was to check them off the list as they came in the door and give an indication of what room.  The girls were upstairs directing the delivery guys to particular bedrooms and Niki was doing the downstairs directing.  It all went very smoothly and at great pace.

I had to leave for work a bit after midday but by then the boxes were all off the truck and the "unpacking" began.

The removalists were also unpacking and they put together the big furniture items and were opening all the boxes and then folding them and storing them for garbage collection as Niki & the girls stowed clothes, toys, glasses and crockery away.  I got a message at 3pm that all was done and that all the boxes had been opened and taken away!  Very fast.

But I have to say, the poor removalists did it tough.  From what I can gather, in Sydney the packers had trolleys and ramps to get things onto the truck.  Yesterday, the truck pulled up out the front and one man was inside the container whilst two guys did all the carrying.  So everything from a box of books to the refrigerator were passed out of the truck by hand and carried inside.  To make matters worse, we have two stories here in Dubai so two guys alone had to carry up the furniture up 22 steps.  They did it tough but the girls gave away plenty of water and soft drink.

When I got home, the kitchen was DONE and looked fantastic and the kids had stored away all the toys and their clothes.  Everything was in great shape and we went out to Chilis to celebrate.

When we got home, Niki was exhausted and went to bed to watch TV and I set up the Wii for the girls who were rapped to play that again after a 2 month hiatus.  I put the pedals back on the bikes and pumped up the tyres and then went into "my room" which is the study.

All my gaming stuff had made it but I set about putting the PC back together.  After plugging everything in, the PC started up but had an awful mechanical grinding sound (not good) and the mouse wasnt working.  Once started, the PC was humming nicely but I rebooted and got the grinding again.  I am not sure what it is, but something isnt right.  I left it alone with the mouse charging and will tinker with it tonight.

The only casualties of the move was the IKEA table that was in the girls play room in Sydney copped a big crack in it and my mat that runs under my office chair was folded too hard and with the heat in the container became warped.  Other than that, all is good!

We're now starting to feel like a home and I went to bed in my nice bed for the first time since February... my back felt great this morning!!


Dan Collins said...

the grinding is prolly a fan that had come off it's nice worn track a little....happens to me if i move my machine. you can't do that much with it cept leave it running for awhile and cross your fingers.

Clay said...

Yeah, it stops pretty much straight away but is mega loud at startup.