Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wow, another week goes by...

My last post was Monday and its already Thursday... another week has sailed by and its been pretty routine.  We've all been feeling a bit flat this week, a bit of a virus I think in which Niki, Kate and I have all felt a bit queasy and achey and tired.  Kate in particular has been complaining of feeling sick and headaches, but she hasn't been physically crook.

But we have not been idle however and we have booked ourselves in for 2 nights at the Atlantis on the Palm Island next weekend for Kate's birthday.  The Atlantis is the big hotel that had the massive opening last year in which Kylie Minogue played and there were fireworks and laser lights.  The place looks magnificent from the outside and they have some great deals going at the moment and we get free entry for both days at the water park next door.

Also, just today, we have bought a car!  Friend of a friend is heading home after losing their job and they have a Ford Explorer which runs well and the price is a bargain!  So now I have to go about the bureaucracy of registering a car...

This weekend, its finishing up the unpacking with the study still a pile of books and boxes and we'll be out buying odd bits of furniture - bed side tables etc.

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