Sunday, August 02, 2009

Admin Nightmares

Everything seemed to hit a snag this week... I am trying to get a company loan to pay for a car I have bought (the loans are interest free) and the amount of paperwork is cumbersome but the UAE oddity is that they wanted a valuation of the car even though it was a private sale between me and another expat Aussie.  They said "go to a dealer and get a valuation".  So I did this... and went to two dealers who both refused on the basis it was a Ford and they were affiliated with another make of car (Peugeot and Toyota) and directed me to a Ford dealer.  I said who is that and they recommended Premier Motors.

So, 2 and a half hours later after going to three seperate Premier Motors sites, I finally got the cert and had to pay 300 Dirhams even though the dealer didnt get out of his chair (he had the Indian photocopy boy do the legwork).  I have been told this morning that I have been ripped off and the service should have been free.

Then on Thursday, on the way to work, I was sent an SMS message from the power company that I had until that day to pay over 8,000 Dirhams or we will be disconnected from power and water.  Reaching the office I have found that my company for some reason has not paid the last 3 months of bills.  Why?  I am yet to find out but when I was told that to pay via the web would take "three days to process" (WTF!?!) my only alternative was to leave work, drive 150kms to a suburb of Dubai called Al Wasl and pay in person.

I did this and found the DEWA office (Dubai Electricty & Water Authority) and spent 40mins in a ticketed queue and was told to pay by Visa card would mean an extra 1.75% charge.  Joy.

So it is paid and now I have to seek reimbursement from work which is like extracting teeth.

So between the car and the power issue, I lost nearly 2 full working days because of beaurocracy.  At least my weekend was relaxing!

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