Monday, August 03, 2009

53 Degrees

Rule #1 in the UAE...  when working on a construction site and you're walking across the site facilities from one building to the other and you cross paths with a guy you want to talk to, don't stand in the blazing sun in 53 degree heat and discuss the issue.

This is what I have just done and I think my eyeballs have shriveled I am that hot!  Navy suit pants, tie, mid-blue work shirt... these are not the items to be wearing when you conduct a 10min discussion on the footpath in such heat.

My shoes feel like they're burning my feet, my eyes hurt when I blink and I can smell the heat still through my nose despite now being in the air con for a few minutes.  My mobile phone feels very hot and the bic biro I had in my hand feels slightly pliable.

Next time all I will do is say "Hey Jack, will call you in 2 minutes" and keep walking...

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