Thursday, August 06, 2009

Small World

A guy rang me today to come and see me about an element of work on the project here and he was from one of the consulting engineering firms on site.  No biggie, but I did note his Aussie accent.

He came by and he opened up with "I have seen you around site and I think we have met before".  So the whole comparing who we have worked for and so forth and so forth drew a blank.  He was adamant that he had met me but to be honest, other than his Aussie accent, he was unfamiliar to me.

So we keep talking and he was getting into technical stuff and apologised if he was getting too technical for me, and I said "Its OK, I'm an engineer by background".

And then it clicked for him... University of Technology Sydney, and the Uni of Western Sydney Nepean... turns out we went to uni together!  I still can't place him, but he remembers me and all the dates, lecturers etc etc all matched up.

I am a couple of years older than him, but because I finished part time, we graduated on the same day and would have been sitting in the same row during graduation because our surnames are not too far apart alphabetically.

He has been working in Qatar, Dubai and now Abu Dhabi for 6 years and is now working on my project... small world.

Still... can't place him!  But we know of similar people.

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