Sunday, August 09, 2009

A very quiet weekend...

This weekend, we had nothing planned... We thought about getting Niki out for a drive to get used to the Emirati highways and we thought we'd go out for a nice meal at some stage and also given our digital camera died at the Atlantis, we'd look at a new one.

Unfortunately though, Kate came down with a fever and with temps nudging to the 40s last night, we pretty much hung out at the house.  The pool didnt even get a good use.  I took Kate to the GP today - which is an excellent medical centre, totally free once you make the insurance claim, and you can get in same day - and she came home with anti-biotics, nurofen and some ear drops.  She feels a bit better now and has just gone to bed in a better mood.

So, for me... I was lucky that the Ashes has been on and I have watched 80% of every ball bowled this weekend and I also was able to watch the St George game on the net last night via a website called  So quite a boring and home bound weekend, but in all fairness I think thats the first one since I got here 6 months ago.

Speaking of that tomorrow is my 6 mths anniversary since leaving Australia... time has flown!

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