Monday, August 10, 2009

The approach of Ramadan...

One thing I haven't really discussed here is Ramadan... the month (thereabouts) of religious fasting in the Islamic calendar is reportedly, according to more experienced expats, a real pain in the arse.

But for some reason, I dont see why.  OK, so I have to eat my lunch in the cafeteria where the windows will be blocked out and the glass wall that extends across the cafeteria entry way will also be 'darkened'.  My only worry is that I wont be able to drink at my desk and with the heat here we have free water on our desk every day.  I guess that will change as well.

And then outside of work, well we wont be able to eat out during the day.  Our kids are old enough to understand so I dont see a huge hassle for when Niki goes to the shops and the kids want an ice-cream or something... they will just eat at home.

And I *think* the restriction on eating doesnt 100% apply to kids either so I think Kate & Brooke will be OK when we drive around as they have developed the habit of taking their vacuum sealed thermos' with them and I think they will be OK to have water in the car.

So, its going to be interesting, and I am taking the attitude of it being another aspect of the Islamic culture and not something to be fretting / dreading about.

And apparently, all the evening meals in restaurants for the evening feasts - called "Iftar" - are apparently massive. So I guess we may go out for dinner and check it all out!

Bring it on I say!

As an aside though, Ramadan starts Aug 24 and I have to be in London Aug 26 for work, so I may miss the beginning anyways!

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