Sunday, August 30, 2009

School's Back...

A general catch up post today... after being away in London, things got a bit busy on the work front but in other news:

The kids start school this week.  The girls seem keen and excited but slightly nervous as well.  Monday is orientation for 2hrs and Tuesday is the first full day.  I will be taking Tuesday off work to see them off and to pick them up as well.  Ramadan sees the school day being reduced to a 1:30pm pick up time as well, so they'll ease their way into it.

Also on Tuesday, our dog Zoe is to have an operation.  They have found a tennis ball sized tumor attached to her spleen and they're going to operate on Tuesday.  We have been monitoring her since we discovered the lump a while ago but she's gotten slower and a bit lethargic and we're having it taken out.  Fingers crossed!  Surgery is the easy bit, the recovery will be tough.

As an early Fathers Day present, I got myself (well Niki & the girls got for me after many hints) a new PlayStation 3.  Got two free games in the box and I have to say highly impressed with the game "LittleBigPlanet".  Its a great kids game and is also fun for adults.  The other game is a very hard "save the world, shoot the aliens" game called "Resistance - Fall of Man".  Its gory and violent so that only gets a play when the kids arent about.  I am hoping that the good little cherubs will surprise me with a copy of Madden NFL 2010 on the weekend (hint hint).

Ramadan is going OK... I hardly notice it on site, not too big a deal.  Weekends are lazy around the house and pool and we actually left the house to go to Dubai Mall on Friday night at 7pm and didnt get home until 12:40am!  So tiring and odd to be out at such a late hour.

Also, finally, to my Dad, glad to skype you on the weekend... hope you're feeling OK and will call you on Monday.

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