Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Time is slowing...

Ramadan seems to drag out the day in my opinion.  Its only 4pm but alot of people have left (all the Muslims, all the expats are still here) and things just seem to be dragging out.  Lunch is now reduced to a functional intake of food as many of the social networks have been decimated by the fact that 70% of the people aren't there in the cafeteria.

So you eat, in small groups, and go back to the desk.

The mornings drag out too... no coffee, means the morning gets a bit edgy and the caffeine fix isn't in.  Sad, but true - I am a caffeine addict.

The work however continues and there seems to be a strange sense of urgency before lunch but afterwards the emails slow up and yet people are still here.  It all adds up to a pretty bizarro work culture even though in all honesty, I (or the other non-muslims) should not be effected.

So, at the moment, my tasks keep building up, I seem to be plowing through things but then the day just drags out...

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