Sunday, September 06, 2009

Fathers Day UAE Style

Well, I found out back in May that Fathers Day for Brits and Americans is in May.  So back then, alot of guys here had cards or bad ties or were heading away for the weekend to enjoy their Fathers Day.

Well today is Fathers Day in Australia and its a work day, but on the weekend I was treated to a lovely relaxing weekend and a brand new PlayStation3!  Woo!  Spent the weekend watching the football on Friday, playing video games and in between just relaxing with Niki and the girls.  We went out for a posh Chinese meal on Friday night which meant taking a taxi so that we could have some wine as well.  Even splurged and had a lobster (which apparently was from Australia) and in general had a really good weekend.

Rang my Dad as well today from work and wished him a Happy Fathers Day and all in all was a very good weekend.

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