Thursday, September 10, 2009

Niki Gets Her License - We all feel 17 again!

Slow week this week, but the week was punctuated by me taking yesterday off to be able to take Niki to Abu Dhabi to get her drivers license.

In the UAE, once you become a resident (as Niki did last week), you're then deemed to be illegally driving on anything other than a UAE drivers license. Her Aussie one just doesnt count suddenly.

So, you need to front to the Dept of Transport in your home emirate (which for us is Abu Dhabi because that's where my visa was issued from) and go through a really badly managed process of paperwork and stamping of documents to get a UAE license.

So, we set off with all the paperwork which included her passport, a photo copy of the passport, a "letter of no objection" which is required from me (in Arabic! LOL!) stating that I have no objection as her sponsor, an Arabic translation of her Australian license and some passport photos.

At first, no worries... we had to line up for an eye test which Niki reckons she thought she failed (needs glasses!) and then it was off to the counter for processing. Lady behind the counter tells her she needs a photocopy of her residency (despite having the original in her hand) and sends us off looking for a photocopy machine.

After asking around, I go downstairs into the bowels of the building and there's a photocopy station. Its unattended so I go behind the counter but despite the machine being plugged in, its not working (no lights on at all). Then back upstairs we go into an area called "Diplomatic Operations" and ask some military guys who have two photocopy machines but they too are broken.

I then head into an area all plush and seemingly reserved for Emiratis called "Customer Service" and wait an age to be served and finally a woman in again military uniform (I think its the RTA but they look like military) takes Niki's passport away and photocopies it.

We then head back, Niki is promptly told off for taking too long and its all processed.

A short wait and bingo, license in hand!

Still... I don't think its as bad as going to the RTA in Sydney!

Happy snap below!

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