Thursday, October 08, 2009

International Schooling

We're really enjoying the kids' new school.  Thats a simple statement, but is accurate and the reason I say this is that the school here seems to be much more in sync with modern life and living.

For one, its uses the International curriculum and methodology called "IB". An IB school focuses on learning through participation and hands on activities rather than text book based rote learning.  Both the girls are each day doing things and are encouraged to not only express themselves but are also assessed on that expression.

And in addition, whilst it hasnt been easy, the school day starts very early with kids in their classrooms by 7:50am each day.  This means I can take the girls to school and be a bit more involved.  It also means that family breakfast is able to be had, although its hardly a sit down meal... we're in a rush still!

What prompted me to write this post today was that this morning I was able to go to the school and see Kate's first presentation of their major projects.  After a unit of work on the environment and recycling etc, the kids had to make a building or an animal or a plant that has adapted to the environment as global warming takes hold.  There was lots of plaster of paris, cardboard, styrofoam and painting etc and I was able to be at the school at 8am, see Kate and her classmates projects, and have the presentation and then head to the office and be in by 10am here.

In Sydney, I would never have been able to do that and would have missed it. 

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