Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flights Booked... JUST!

We've hit a bit of a snag... all the flights at Xmas time have filled up and we have been in a bit of a panic, but through my work I was able to book some flights back to Sydney.

Not sure how it happened, but I have been perusing flights online and seemingly had no issues but when we went to book this weekend we were being blocked every which way we turned.  Niki even walked into a travel agent to get an over the counter quote and was simply told "there are no more flights available!".


But I got our internal work people to connect via their system and even though the raw cost was a bit of a premium, I got a company discount and that got me somewhere in the middle of the price range.  PHEW!

So, we'll be in Sydney landing early morning on Dec 11 and flying out the night of Jan 3.  Means I will spend my birthday in the air too... mmm... interesting concept.

And we wont leave it until last minute next time... but who knew 2 months in advance was last minute!

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