Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mobile Post From London

Hopefully this works but a blackberry post from London.

Am undergoing an extensive test in endurance today as I have flown to
London for the day.

As an Australian, that statement is very disconcerting. In a small bag
I packed a shirt, a change of underpants and a toothbrush.

I left Abu Dhabi last night on the 2:30am flight and landed in London
at 7:30am. Then to meetings in St James Park in London and am now in a
car to the airport for an evening flight back. Landing time in Abu
Dhabi is at 7:30am just 29hrs after leaving.

Feeling tired and am still in UAE time zone so hopefully jet lag won't
be an issue but the lack of sleep is a bigger problem.

Lucky though I am working from home tomorrow and will keep an eye on
emails. Ironically I will have a telephone meeting at 6pm tomorrow
night with a guy from London.

I still can't believe how central the UAE is for travel but it does
mean these trips to Europe are now easy...

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