Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back in the UAE

Got back from London after a pretty intense but successful business trip... and its one day back in the office and then its the weekend!

A pretty relaxing weekend on offer with the only commitment being Kate's debut for the school football team.  She has apparently got her way into the side as a deft striker, so I will be very keen to see how she goes this weekend.  Apparently its a bit of a round robin tournament running from 8am to midday.

Otherwise, we're free spirits this weekend... not sure what we'll do but we'll make the most of it I hope.  I am thinking beach...

Then we have a short week next week (4 days) and then its off for the Eid break and then the UAE National Day Holiday.  These things run concurrently and I think I have 10 days off!  So we'll try and do some touristy things as well... things like Ski Dubai and another crack at the sand dune 4WDing.

Also, this morning, saw another truck over turned on the highway... was carrying a shipping container, the truck was upright, its rig on the back was on the side and the container was skewed across the sand, dented but unopened.  Glad that didnt happen to our furniture!!

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