Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Off to London

In a mere 30mins, I will be whisked away and driven to the airport and am off on a 2 nighter to London.  Etihad airlines really is classy in that its business class travellers get picked up from home and taken to the airport, are then taken by car to their hotel and then back again on the way home.  Its a really great service that I wish Qantas could emulate.

The trip in itself is not terribly exciting... more meetings on the London Array windfarm project.  Its a really exciting project, but this trip in itself is not terribly interesting.

The girls though tonight were very jealous of me going in a plane and even though we're flying to Sydney in 4 weeks, they want to fly to London with me.  Very sweet.

Also, speaking of the girls, Kate & Brooke both made the school girls football (soccer) squad and Kate got picked in the starting XI this weekend in the first game.  So, we're off to see her game representing the mighty Greenfield Community School against some other mob!  Apparently their strip is blue and green vertical stripes... nice!

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