Thursday, November 12, 2009


The weather in Dubai has been improving every week and we're having beautiful weather at the moment.  I went out this morning for a walk before work and the weather was cool without the chill and the early morning sunlight was really nice.  We have massive parkland around our place and I walked along there until I got to the end of my estate and saw for the first time the next stage of the estate development.  Workers were already busy installing palm trees at 6am this morning and its coming along.  The area has really filled up and is very popular.

This weekend is going to be a good one too.  We're off to the mall this evening for a bite to eat and a look around.  Ibn Battutta is our local mall and we'll go for pizza or something... maybe even check out the movies.

Tomorrow, is D&D game day and I will be nerding it up during the day which is always a good bit of fun.  No plans for the evening, but we'll see how it goes.

Saturday will be quiet... I have to go to DEWA (the local water and power company) to sort out some bill issues (I am not getting them) and then we'll relax around the pool.  Have a couple of work colleagues potentially coming over as well (trying to convince them to move to the Green Community) and other than that we're doing nothing but "chillaxing".

So, all is good! 


Jo said...

How's your pooch doing?

Clay said...

Zoe is old and tired but relatively pain free.

We were thinking that we'd have to put her down, but she has responded to the anti-inflamatories and is now "just" limping.

Her left hind leg has permanent nerve damage though, so she wont recover, but we're doing what we can to make her comfortable.

She has been walking (slowly) everyday and loves it. We let her off the lead and she wanders the park...

Jo said...

Glad she's pain free at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hello Clay,
I'm a rather recent arrival in Abu Dhabi and I found your blog while looking for info on gaming in the UAE. I haven't found much, but I see you're running a game.

Any tips for finding local gamers?


Clay said...

Heya Chris,

Its a bit hard to find gamers here... I found my D&D game crew via which has a dedicated "Gamers Lounge" section in it. Our D&D thread is still there.

Also, I knew one of my D&D guys from Oz as well which helped.

What games are you into?


Christopher said...

I just read through the thread on the Dubai forum. I haven't found anything like that for Abu Dhabi. I'm into just about any kind of board or card games, plus I've played D&D for years. I haven't played many other RPGs, but always willing to try something new.

Any leads in the AD area would be welcome, or if you need a filler-in I'd be glad for the occasional game.