Monday, January 25, 2010

Lets Go Shopping

We have a big weekend next weekend.  We have the Australia Day Ball on Thursday night, which is an annual event hosted by the Australian Business Council of Dubai.  The theme however is "Underbelly"... I am not sure why we need to sully the national day with a reference to drug lords and prostitutes, but there you go.

But nevertheless, we are going but one issue was that I dont actually own a "dinner suit" or a "black tie".  Never have and thought it was useless to buy a whole ensemble for one night and in Sydney I would rent one given I would only go to a Black Tie function once every 2 years or more.  But they don't have "formal hire" places in Dubai and it is de rigeur that one should own such a suit here.  So we went shopping...

Was recommended the Pierre Cardin store here in Dubai and we went in.  I was expecting big dollars (or dirhams) to buy this thing and I hate shopping at the best of times so I was not in a good mood to start with.  But my mood turned alot better when once again I was in a specialty store with a 75% off (second time in a fortnight) and with alot of trying on and and trips in and out of the change room I ended up picking up a Pierre Cardin dinner suit for the princely sum of 550Dhs.  Thats about A$180!  That included the tailoring.

For another 300Dhs I also picked up a shirt and bow tie and a black regular shirt and a black regular tie (we may do the Underbelly thing) on top.  A$325 for a suit, two shirts and two ties!  Bargain.

Niki then went to the local department store and was able to find a nice flowy cocktail dress for just 220Dhs and we were set!

We also have a birthday party on the Friday and a wedding on the Saturday so we went shopping for a Barbie Doll for the former.  Whilst we found that clothes are cheap, a basic Barbie Doll in the toy store was 150Dhs.  I am not sure why toys here seem so much more expensive and yet clothes are dirt cheap... I guess its an import / branding thing with Mattel I guess...

Still, we can't complain, we've both got new gear for the Ball. Now I just need a pumpkin and some mice!

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Lila Leeds said...

Post pics! I want to see you suited & booted. Let's face it, my memory of you is dressed in your school uniform. I'd like to see you sartorially elegant.