Wednesday, January 27, 2010



No, its not the Visitors of South Park fame, but we're very excited that we'll be having some visitors from home come to see us in April / May this year. Firstly, Niki's longest friend Julie is coming with her daughter Hannah for a 10 day visit over the Easter period and that will be good for both Niki and the girls.

Then we also found out yesterday that my Mum & Dad have booked themselves a flight in late April and will come to stay with us for three weeks through to mid-May.

Having moved here nearly a year ago (my first anniversary is only a week or two away) we have really enjoyed the lifestyle and have been very happy with the UAE and what it has to offer. But the problem is that it is very hard to translate that into words and convey that to our friends and family back home.

We had Niki's parents come and stay with us last October and since then it has been alot easier on us and them. They have been able to understand and see for their own eyes what life in the UAE is like and why we like it. They understand that we're safe and that the girls have a great school and lifestyle and in addition have an appreciation of what our house is like and what the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are like. It has made the conversations on Skype alot easier and there is a greater sense of comfort.

But for everyone else, and for our trip back to Australia last Xmas, it is hard to "explain" and we also have had to deal with the various stereotypes of what the Middle East is like.

So now we have two more sets of visitors to host and we're excited to have Julie & Hannah and my Mum & Dad. Yes, we'll do the "touristy" things but in addition, it's more about seeing how we live, the circle of friends we have here and the lifestyle that we enjoy.

So to all our other relatives and friends - get yourselves booked! We'd love to have you over too!

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