Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend. Or "Geez I'm tired, lets go back to work for a rest!"

Very busy weekend was just had!  So busy, we let the girls chuck a sickie and I really thought about it too!

Firstly, after a very hectic work day on Thursday, Niki and I went to the Australian Business Council Dubai's "Australia Day Ball".  We had a great night and we danced to all the old 80's and 90's Aussie music... INXS, Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, ACDC... you get the picture.

Add in alot of beer and wine and we were "very tired" when we left the Grand Hyatt Ballroom some time after 1am.  The theme was a bit of a fizzer - "Underbelly" - but it was a great night.  Even got to belt out the National Anthem!

Friday was a "ginger" day in which I spent most of it camped on the lounge playing the PlayStation but it served its purpose as we had a birthday party to attend.  Our neighbour Deborah was turning 20+21 and was throwing a bit of a bash.  It was excellently catered with a full Indian buffet complete with waiter and we sat around the tables outside drinking more beer and wine and eating way too much Chicken Tikka and roti bread.  The surprising thing was, it was actually very cold weather wise and whilst I braved it in a cotton shirt and shorts, many people were rugging up against what seemed to be an actual winters evening!  Again, we went home "tired" but it wasnt too late...

Another ginger morning on Saturday in which I got up very early but went back to bed around 10ish but we had to set out for our first Dubai wedding.  Friends JR and Abby were tying the not at the St Mary's Catholic Church in Bur Dubai and we managed to find it easily enough.  The wedding was at 3pm, the reception was scheduled to start at 6pm but didnt due to DJ-Not-Arriving issues until 8pm and with some very tired kids in tow we left around 10:30 - 11:00pm.  I was driving but Niki didnt drink anyway but I think we had had enough anyway ;-).

The wedding was a Philippino affair with lots of colour and it was great to be invited... the reception was a typical Dubai Hotel style buffet affair with plenty of good food.

So, come this morning, the kids were still zonked and I went to work but it will be early to bed tonight!


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