Thursday, February 04, 2010

To burst or not to burst...

Kate has been feeling pretty ordinary of late and complained every now and then about a "sore tummy".  But for the past 3-4 days, she has been really specific and has been telling us that her stomach hurts "Here" and points to the lower right side of her abdomen.


So we took her to the same hospital that Niki went for her sore foot and again we got great service.  The problem has been though she does have a specific pain which is clearly in her appendix area but she doesnt have a fever or vomiting that is usually a sign of appendicitis but the doctors cannot determine the cause.

So we did blood tests and an ultrasound and then when they came back "inconclusive" they asked her to come back the next day (today) and do the tests again.  They were looking for an increased blood count or something and yet today the tests were again uncertain.

Therefore its back again tomorrow for more blood taking!

The reality is I am sure (despite my lack of medical degree) that it is "early rumblings" of an appendix and I want her to have it taken out now rather than wait for it to get worse and more painful for her.  The appendix is from what I can tell is a useless organ that has nothing really to do ever since we stopped eating tree branches in the Paleolithic Era and hence lets take it out.

But the doctors wont perform "needless" surgery and hence we wait...

If they keep this up, I bet we will be in the hospital with Kate by the end of the month.

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fool said...

interesting article. With her background, she'll probably not need it.. but still not as useless as once thought, especially in developing countries.