Sunday, February 07, 2010


We took the girls to see Avatar last night.  We did the whole 3D IMAX thing and I have to say I think I enjoyed it much more the second time around.  The IMAX was massive too... and we could only get seats about 6 rows from the front!  Its amazing how this movie is still selling.  We went on Friday night and tried to get in to the 7:30pm session but it was sold out.  So on Saturday I called past the mall at 11:00am to get the 4:30pm session and it was nearly sold out too!  It sure does seem to be getting repeat business.

As for Avatar itself, my line of thinking was that when I was young I got to see Star Wars and the experience is something that I have never forgotten.  The event was bigger than the movie itself.  Star Wars wasn't a "kids movie" then either but it was an exciting thing for a 6yr old kid.  With Avatar, I think that is the Star Wars of this generation... a big event, the 3D experience etc etc... and the kids loved it.

Brookie was scared a little when the big Pandoran panther monster attacked but she was OK (she took her glasses off to make it blurry! lol!!) and Kate seemed to enjoy it.  On the way to school this morning they were still talking about it.  Maybe they will remember it too when they grow into adults and how they went and saw a packed blockbuster Avatar in 3D IMAX.  Not sure if the Arabic subtitles made it more memorable though ;-)

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