Sunday, January 17, 2010

Missed My Weekend

Well, I went to London for business on Thursday night for a Friday meeting. Friday of course being our weekend, but when dealing with a UK project on occasion I guess I have to work "western hours". It meant however I spent Thursday night and then Friday night coming back on a plane and as such probably only had 6hrs sleep all told.

I just cannot sleep well on planes... I doze I guess, but I just feel like crap when I land and as a consequence my Saturday morning was spent sleeping and then in the afternoon I was yawning whilst vegging out on the lounge playing PlayStation (Dragon Age for those who care) and then we went for an early (5pm) dinner with neighbours. In addition, Kate had spent the weekend at a friends place and by the time I drove out and collected her at 8:30pm, I was absolutely exhausted.

This morning, I woke up early and had to get ready for work... and I feel like I just left the office.

This week though wont be a normal week as the World Future Energy Summit is on and I will be attending that both as an interested spectator but also for work. I will be manning our company's stand and greeting people from all around the world. Whilst I work in the "renewable energy business" it is actually a product that I feel enthused about as it a new frontier and also trying to do a good thing for the world in general... much more so than any other company I have worked for.

I also have to still go to get that Police Report (see last weeks post) and also, my leased car needs changing over because the registration is expiring and also starting to contact my landlord as would you believe the 12mths lease expires in about 6 weeks and I need to renegotiate for another year. We're very happy with our place so, we're very keen to stay on!


Anonymous said...

How are you finding Dragon Age Clay?

I nearly got through right to the end, and have to say it was OK, but nowhere near the hype that its been getting. Certainly think Mass Effect was far superior.

- Chunky

Clay said...

No idea how far I am into the overall story line, but I am currently at Level 5 or 6.

Last weekend was the first time in a while that I played Dragon Age as I had previously been playing Modern Warfare 2. I finished that single player mode and was getting slaughtered on the special ops and the multiplayer so I picked up Dragon Age again.

MW2 was great but way too short!