Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Happy Birthday

My littlest girl Brooke is 9 today!  Her first birthday to be celebrated in the UAE.

We offered to take her out for dinner tonight anywhere she wanted... and what she has asked for is for us to set up the picnic table in the backyard and I am bringing McDonalds home!!  Classic!  I have never been to a Picnic at Home with McDonalds party before!

On Friday, she's having a birthday party with her school and neighbourhood friends and we've hired a jumping castle and balloons etc etc and we'll be having a bit of a garden party followed by a BBQ for the grown ups for dinner.  So all in all a pretty relaxed birthday without a huge amount of razzamattaz but that is very much Brooke's style.  She loves to be at home and she loves simply being able to hang out and play with her friends.

Happy Birthday Brookie Chookie!

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Sixty Something said...

Cute, thank goodness for McDonalds I think they are everywhere to stay..