Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Mist

Anyone seen the movie or read the original Stephen King story "The Mist"? Well if you have, then you'd appreciate what its like driving in the mornings in Dubai at the moment.

Absolute pea soupers and its been this way every day for a week now.

But the locals here don't seem to care... their only concession to road safety is to whack the hazard lights on and drive like normal and by normal, that's generally 160km/h.

So, I have now shifted down a gear, cruise at a speed I feel comfortable being at and stay out of the fast lane. Otherwise, you run the risk of being in one of these:

This is a photo taken by my neighbour Trevor who was driving at the back of our suburb and was caught up in it. Luckily for him, he ended up stopped without being hit but people in front and behind were all over the road. One person died, and many were injured but this is typical of a multi car pile up in Dubai.

For me, I ended up having to take a 50km detour (when driving through the desert, there are no back roads!) and was an hour late for work... but I think I'd prefer that to the above.

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