Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Retail Therapy for Hangover Cure

Has been a hectic period for me of late... work has been taxing as some major projects come to a head and I have had to put in some overtime.  On top of that, we've had Brooke's birthday last week and her party last weekend.  This included a BBQ for the grown ups after the party on the Friday night and hence Saturday was a cruisey day and we ended the weekend by the pool for the first time in ages.  The weather is starting to warm up now which is good!

I did however have to take a bit of retail therapy of the suit buying kind this weekend and replace a suit which lost the arse out of one of the trousers.  In Sydney for me, suit buying is a major pain in terms of time and hip pocket.  In Sydney, my tailor was a high pressure sales guy who would always push me to spend more than I cared for and to be honest in hindsight he was a used car salesman type.  Yet, they had my measurements and it was too painful to go anywhere else.

So, I asked around at work and was recommended I go to a menswear shop in a shopping mall that I had never been too.  Dubai is riddled with large shopping malls that dont have any real customers as they have been superseded by the big malls such as Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.  However I was assured that "Brands" in the Mazaya Centre was
the place to go for cheap good quality suits.

And yes whilst the mall was spookily quiet with little customers, in less than 30mins I bought two suits made from NZ wool for less than $500.  A huge saving compared to Australian prices.

Given that I was hung over, that was the perfect result!

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