Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Only in the UAE

I got an email from Hertz here advertising their new rates for car leases.  I currently pay 2200 AED a month for my Toyota Corolla and yet they're advertising that I can now get a Toyota Corolla for just 1700 AED a month.

CALL NOW they say....

So I ring the number and after going through a highly convoluted and slow speaking voice prompting the phone rings.  And Rings... AND RINGS.  Nobody picks up...

I redial... go through the process again... and same result.

I try again but select the option to report that I have crashed my car and I get a human voice straight away and I ask to speak to someone in the leasing department.  The Indian chap says that this is the Vehicle Recovery department and not the leasing section.  I reply I know but nobody is answering, can you put me through.  "Sorry sir, this is another department I am at a different location".  I hang up.

I then go to their website ( and as you can see, its being worked on and has no information other than the number I have been dialing.

Only in the UAE can you get a such customer service... lol.  Would a company in Australia issue an email offering new prices and then have zero way to contact them??

Its a funny place ;-)

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