Monday, March 22, 2010

Summer in the UAE

Equates to 9 months of the year... and by summer I mean swimming weather.  The weather here in Dubai at the moment is excellent and even though we're just one month past what passes for winter here, we're already into the swimming again.

We have bought new outdoor furniture now and have a BBQ and last weekend had the opportunity to sit outside in the evening weather and be very relaxed.  At the pool, the water is now the perfect temperature and the sun is shining all day every day.

I noticed last night that Niki and the girls already are getting their tans back and I will have to follow suit and spend more time at the pool to catch up because no matter the weather, you don't get a tan by being at work in a suit.

Also, I am very happy that the rugby league is now on TV here in Dubai and I have enjoyed watching the first two rounds of the season.  Oddly, because of the weekend time shift (Friday and Saturday are my weekends) I get Friday Night Football and FoxSports Super Saturday games beamed live into our place from around 10:30am or Midday onwards.  But because we dont really spend too much time at home on weekends, I have taken advantage of the regions new Pay TV service in which you can record live tv on your pay tv box.  That was just coming out in Australia when I left and it has now reached us here in Dubai and its brilliant!

So, my summer is pool, sun and NRL... happy days!

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